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skAIwatch is a predictive maintenance program of Karsten Moholt and supports all types of rotating machines. Karsten Moholt is one of the leaders in electromechanical machinery and has over 72 years of combined experience with service, maintenance and condition monitoring. We have used in-house expertise of electrical machines, vibration monitoring and combined it with machine learning to automate anomaly detection and prognosis.

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During the development of Skaiwatch, we have partnered with experts of different fields of rotating machines across Europe to develop best-in-class algorithms for predictive maintenance. With skAIwatch, Karsten Moholt will provide the customers with an end to end solution from detection of potential failure to smart maintenance.


Eivind Vethe

Chief Digital Officer

Tel: +47 917 18 691
Email: eivind.vethe@karsten-moholt.no

Sigbjørn Tungodden

Power Engineer

Tel: +47 984 01 118
Email: sigbjorn.tungodden@karsten-moholt.no

Yapi Donatien Achou

Data scientist

Tel: +47 400 17 903
Email: yapi.donatien.achou@karsten-moholt.no